Model Portfolios

The four Solinvest Model Portfolios are founded on the same principles of transparency, cost efficiency and accessibility for every type of investor, since officially launching the first Solinvest portfolio in 2002.

Today, we also focus on reducing behavioural biases through a structured investment approach by means of our established quantitative models, tactical asset allocation, and exploitation of market anomalies.

Security selection is based on macro-global economic themes, focusing on those set to profit from trends. Equities and corporate bonds are chosen from the Solinvest quantitative screens founded on earnings growth, relative valuation, market sensitivity, analyst revisions, and momentum characteristics. Fixed income investments are selected based on liquidity, inflation protection, duration, safety and income.

Each of the Advanced Growth, Progressive Growth, Balanced Approach and Smart Income Models, hold selected securities representing a broad range of businesses across multiple sectors and geographic regions, with a preference for consistent or advantageous earnings growth and sound dividend policies. By investing in a select group of securities, identified by high-impact variables, the portfolio aims to achieve above average risk-adjusted returns and stability through income reinvestment and regimented tactical asset re-balancing.

Each trade is execute among multiple markets to obtain the best trade price for each client concurrently and to provide consistent returns among all clients. This also allows us to lessen behavioural biases and to take advantage of dynamic markets when timing is important.

Each of the four investment models are guided by an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) defining the investment decisions permitted in each portfolio. Although securities may be held across all models, the quantity of those securities may be different between models and some models may hold certain securities that others do not, according to the objectives of the portfolio.

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